Artisans and problem solvers, our smithies
always have an entertaining tale to tell

“Take it to the smithy for an emergency repair,” must have been a common statement each working day at Empire Mine. Ore carts, stamp mills and other equipment needed frequent attention.

Our Blacksmith Shop today is much the same as it would have been around 1925.


With its red-hot forges, anvils, and six blacksmiths on duty eight to ten hours a day, six days a week, the smithy was a vital part of the mine’s success. Five smithies worked in the shop, producing many of the tools, candle holders and other devices the miners needed in their work, while one worked down in the mine shoeing mules.

IMG_1042Today, visitors enjoy watching replica items being made on the spot – and available for purchase (both in the smithy and in the Visitors Center Gift Shop).

Tales of “the good old days,” as well as the legend of the dreaded Tommy Knocker, make the smithy a popular part of your visit to Empire Mine.