Group Lunches are served in the old Clubhouse –
complete with miners-style pasties

Have you ever tasted a Cornish pasty (pronounced “pass-tee”)? Well, you’re in for a treat, because that’s what’s served at our popular Miners Lunches.

Pasties were a favorite mid-day meal with the many Cornish miners who worked at Empire and other Northern California gold mines. The outside is a flaky crust wrapping. Inside, the fillings can vary, and include chicken, beef, or vegetables. They’re unusual – and delicious! Cole slaw, beverages, and ice cream and cookies are also part of the Miners Lunch menu. For added authenticity, lunches are served by volunteers wearing early 1900s’ costumes.

Bookings can be made for groups from 12 to 100, and the cost is $22 per person. Many groups combine the lunch with a special guided tour of the Cottage and Grounds as well as the Mineyard; cost for the combined luncheon and tour is $26.  Reservations for all private, school and luncheons must be made a minimum of 30 days in advance.  All dates are available, first come first serve reservations, blackout days apply. 


Lunch is served! Hearty, tasty Cornish pasties were a favorite mid-day
meal with many English miners. Now it’s your turn to taste one.
Photo by Courtney Ferguson

To book your group’s lunch at the Park, phone the Visitors Center at (530) 273-8522