Projects with built-in appeal

Welcoming first-time visitors to Empire Mine is always a pleasure. Welcoming them back is better still. That’s why you’ll find us planning and completing projects that attract both new and repeat visits.

As we say in our Mission Statement, EMPA’s primary goal is to provide support to Empire Mine State Historic Park. An important part of that support involves making the Park safer, more comfortable and more interesting by adding new educational-and-historic attractions.

Making such improvements requires vision, dedication and financial backing. That’s why we encourage and welcome both your enthusiasm and your donations.

One such project is the new paved walkways you’ll find in the grounds near the Visitors Center, Cottage and Clubhouse – much easier and safer than the old, compacted-granite paths. Many people have expressed their appreciation, especially the brides and guests celebrating weddings in the Park.


You may also want to know about two educational, “interpretive” projects being planned:

  1. Stamp mills played a vital part in hard-rock gold mining. Their thunder could be heard 24 hours a day. Our goal is to have a Two-Stamp Mill in the Mineyard for visitors to experience.
  2. Reconstructing an authentic Cornish Pump is another project we want to complete. In those days, before electrically powered pumps were introduced, the Cornish Pumps worked hard to keep water out of the underground mine shafts.

These are two of many other projects that would add new authenticity and drama, enabling visitors to see and hear the power of gold-mining history in action.

Project-Assisted Donations

EMPA relies on Donors who share our passion for bringing history to life. When you choose and support a particular project, we can provide “matching funds.” Suddenly, you’re part of the progress – and with your help, it’s that much closer to completion! Please express your interest by clicking here to contact EMPA’s President. You’ll also see a current list of ALL our planned projects.

Other Donations

All donations, whether general or for specific projects, are welcome – and all make a positive difference.  

Please click here to go to our Donations page.

Remember, all donations to EMPA are tax deductible.

While EMPA honors Empire Mine’s colorful history, we also safeguard its future – and your donation plays a vital part.

We thank you for your generosity!