Support Us ~ Get Involved

Empire Mine attracts people with hearts of gold …
people who show their support in many vital ways

There are so many ways to get involved. Some people make donations. Some become Empire Mine Park Association members.

However, many put their hands up (and often roll their shirtsleeves up), and become Volunteers. Our Volunteers have been described as the “heart and soul” of the Park. We currently have around 250, and it’s these dedicated people who share their talents and their time to make every visit a memorable, authentic experience.

Our Volunteers work together to keep the Park an historical treasure, to keep it safe, and to enhance future visits with even more authentic attractions.

Would you like to join this exceptional team?

Meet the dedicated people who support Empire Mine

Most State Parks rely on support from non-profit groups. Here at Empire, that group is called Empire Mine Park Association, or EMPA, for short. We are a 501(c)(3) California Corporation, formed in 1976.

What do we do?

EMPA helps bring local history to life, in partnership with Empire Mine State Historic Park. It’s a passion our hundreds of volunteers have shared since 1976. Our goal is to make every visit educational, authentic, magical and memorable.

How do we do it?

We raise funds through the Gift Shop at the Park – and by presenting events throughout the year. Membership dues, grants and donations are other significant sources.

How do we make a difference?

EMPA funding goes toward:

  • Maintaining Park buildings and grounds
  • Park interpretive and educational activities
  • Specific projects, large and small, that add authenticity and interest
  • Volunteer training and recognition activities
  • Publishing The Empire-Star – an informative monthly newsletter.

More about EMPA

Quick Facts

  • EMPA was founded in 1976, the year after the Park opened. We had 28 Charter Members who were also the majority of our early Volunteers.
  • Much time, effort and money during the Park’s early days was spent on locating, moving and placing key artifacts that add character and interest to Park visits today.
  • Our current membership is nearly 300.

Our Mission Statement

To provide an adventure into the history of hard rock mining in California’s Gold County by supporting the interpretive and educational activities and the maintenance of the historical facilities at Empire Mine State Historic Park.

EMPA Board

The Board is made up of twelve members. At least nine must be trained volunteers at Empire Mine State Park volunteers. Members are elected for three-year terms, and are permitted to be elected for two consecutive terms.

Terms expire December 31, 2014

Lynne Buenz, Member
Jennifer Greenfield, Secretary 
Sean Gilleran, Member 
Pat Speer, Member

Terms expire December 31, 2015:

Virginia Brunini, Member 
Jim Coe, Vice President 
Larry Skinner, President
Jim Ward, Member

Terms expire December 31, 2016:

Virginia Hamilton, Treasurer
Bob Jennings, Member 
Bob Lenhard, Member
Margi Nielsen, Member

Board calendar:

Board Meetings third Tuesday of the month at 9:30 AM.
General Meetings As scheduled
General Meeting/Election 1st Thursday in November following Election Day
EMPA Holiday Open House 1st Thursday in December