Hike your way through history on Empire’s
14 miles of scenic trails

Besides hiking, you’re also welcome to jog, cycle, walk your dog or ride your horse! Our over 800 acres of trails are open year round. Enjoy an unusual combination of foothill forests, wildlife and wonders as you explore them.

Don’t forget your sunscreen and insect repellent! Also, stick to the trails to avoid contact with poison oak.

Hardrock Trails Area

Harkdrock Trail Map

Harkdrock Trail Map

The Hardrock Trails Area encircles the main part of the Park (where the Visitors Center, historic buildings and mining machinery are located). Along these trails, you’ll find points of interest from Empire’s gold-mining past. You may also enjoy the camaraderie of sharing them with others.

 Click here for a complete description of the trails and a detailed trail map, including all of the trail heads.



Union Hill Trail

Union Hill Trails-2-15-12

Union Hill Trail

Separated by the Colfax Highway and farther away from the Park’s Visitors Center area, the Union Hill Trails loop in interesting configurations. Visitors have the scope to plan hikes of varying lengths, yet they’re still surprisingly close to Grass Valley. Peaceful – usually with fewer people – the Union Hills Trails are highly recommended for hikes with built-in tranquility.

Click here for a complete description of the trails and a detailed map.